The need

The client’s former privacy officers had left the organization, leaving no one to oversee the day-to-day privacy tasks, risk management, and risk mitigation. This was leading to a backlog of privacy work, including vendor contract reviews, privacy impact assessments, and privacy advisory needs. The client also needed assistance with hiring permanent staff.

The solution

The Barrington Consulting Privacy team set up a virtual office, helping the client manage their daily privacy work, and assisting them with the hiring process.

The team worked with the new privacy hires to acclimatize them to the work place, integrate them in ongoing privacy projects, and empower them to take over the work.

The results

Due to the Barrington Privacy team’s guidance and expertise, the client now has a fully-staffed privacy office that can:

  • Manage previously-identified privacy risks
  • Identify new risks to the organization’s privacy
  • Integrate privacy best practices into daily operations
  • Conduct reviews of the privacy program
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