The need

Novalte is a Halifax-based healthcare technology startup that creates independence for people managing mobility challenges by improving the way they interact with their surrounding environment. Novalte’s flagship product integrates off-the-shelf smart home technology and sophisticated customer hardware to give their customers a better quality of life and enable nursing teams to better allocate their time. In preparing to enter the commercialization stage and launch its product into the marketplace, Novalte engaged Barrington Consulting to provide expertise and resources to support its future growth and capital funding.

The solution

Through the strength of their combined expertise, Barrington Consulting’s project team developed a strategy supported by thoughtful, rational analysis and crafted practical tools that Novalte was able to put into immediate use. Barrington’s research and analysis provided Novalte with a means to make more consistent decisions over the long-term.

Barrington leveraged its network for Novalte’s benefit, connecting with industry experts and prospective customers both in Canada and the U.S. Insights garnered from these conversations were incorporated by the project team into their work, resulting in more useful, relevant, and effective tools and analysis. Furthermore, Barrington performed pre-sales activities on Novalte’s behalf, growing the company’s pipeline and setting them up for continued success.

The results

With the help of the Barrington ecosystem, Novalte has now made substantial progress towards its goal of commercialization.

Start-up acceleration

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