Safeguarding against future events


Privacy Advisory & Strategy

Formalize your internal privacy structure and processes to grow your internal capacity and protect against future risks. We support organizations in reviewing existing privacy roles and responsibilities and identifying opportunities to seamlessly embed privacy into current workflows and operations. We create policies that align with your operations and equip your team with the education and training that they need to integrate new policies across teams. Stay ahead of issues posed by emerging technologies. We work with you to evaluate new technologies and identify privacy challenges during tech design and implementation. We provide a privacy lens to your vendor selection process and communicate technical needs in layman’s terms to identify mitigation strategies personalized for your business. 


Privacy Impact Assessment

To prioritize and address project and program risks, Barrington Consulting identifies privacy and risk gaps and creates and implements detailed strategies to close identified gaps. We identify mitigations and roles that work for you and your project team and assess all possible angles for risk. We identify appropriate legislation for your business or organization.