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Continuous improvement program services to optimize your organization

Continuous Improvement Program Assessment and Deployment

Organizational continuous improvement program leadership are often faced with a relatively fleeting window to generate program support, and this is most often done by demonstrating successful outcomes as early in the deployment process as possible. Lack of direction or systematic deployment can lead to sub-optimal results, lack of buy-in, and (worse yet) unsustainable business processes.

Our team of Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts are experts in program deployment and will:

  • Conduct a program/organizational maturity assessment using a framework grounded in best practices and examine five critical success factors. This provides organizations with a baseline maturity score to facilitate setting targets and measuring progress
  • Develop customized and targeted strategic action plans tailored to your goals and that will ensure program success and buy-on in the short term
  • Deliver and design continuous improvement programs based on five program pillars

We have advised on and led deployments in several private and public sector settings. During one public sector deployment we facilitated the project generation, resource selection and certification for roughly 100 Green Belt practitioners, generating millions of dollars in hard and soft savings and improving service constituents at the same time.    

Lean Six Sigma Training

Many organizations lack the skills and/or consistency in approach to meet operational goals. Front line employees and leadership are often too immersed in daily fire fighting to recognize wastes in their processes or have a variety of approaches in attacking them with varying degrees of success and adoption. Sub-optimal processes are the result, and we see compounding issues like product and service defects, long lead times and significant employee effort, and operational costs over time.

Our training programs are designed to provide technical, leadership, business and coaching acumen to build a continuous improvement mindset and approach to everyday business problems—in other words, we build leaders and reward results.

We offer programs from Lean Six Sigma White Belt up to Black Belt certification programs. Our training programs are led by experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, are hands-on, engaging and, best of all, yield bottom line results while building your internal resource capacity. Our typical Green Belt program projects yield an average of five times your training investment in operational savings.

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Money Belt

“Great, positive attitude from the teacher whom you can really tell loves teaching this subject. The training will be very beneficial for me to contribute to my career path at PPI and become a key player in our future of continuous improvement here. I feel better connected to my coworkers and my soft skills have improved.”Pivotal Power Green Belt Program Participant

Lean Six Sigma and Leadership Coaching

Project and program leaders are often faced with aggressive timelines and goals while navigating new situations and problems along the way. This can negatively affect project delivery in a number of ways, from expanded timelines to poor adoption. Furthermore, this can result in degraded employee and team engagement.

Our team of seasoned Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are experienced leaders and have encountered a variety of project and program scenarios. They can access their depth of experience to share lessons learned and effective strategies to avoid roadblocks and realize optimal results. The leaders we coach benefit from deepened learning, faster and more effective execution, and improved self-awareness and self-confidence. In fact, resources who draw on our coaching support are exponentially more successful in meeting project goals.

The average mid-sized project we coach yields between $50k-80k in cost savings

The project coaching I received was very helpful and available when I needed it, which was fantastic.” – Aerospace Industry Client (Green Belt Program)

The “anticipation, pro-activeness, perception of client needs helps her stay one step ahead. The benefit to us is that she is delivering service that relieves burden where it is heaviest.” – Financial Services Client

Operational Reviews

Organizations are often aware of the need for process improvement but don’t have a good sense of where to begin. They may be experiencing sub-optimal performance to key metrics or they may have experienced rapid growth and are feeling the consequence of a lack of process structure or in many cases, they are simply dealing with legacy processes and policies which are out of whack with customer requirements. Status quo operations in these instances often lead to poor employee retention rates, customer complaints, loss of revenue, and lack of sustainability.  

Our team of seasoned practitioners employ a proven operational assessment framework using Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the current state and evidence-based recommendations. Your organization is effectively armed with a roadmap to improve business operations feasibly and effectively to help realize your organizational goals.

A recent public sector operational review we conducted led to recommendations that would see the organization realize over $42k in annual savings in one data quality process alone.

I “really appreciate the efforts and perspective both of you brought to this project. If I rewind back to when I was prepping the idea of what we wanted to accomplish…we met it. So a big thanks to you both and we do looking forward to working again with you.” Public Sector Client

Process Improvement Project Delivery

Labour shortages and lack of process improvement expertise can limit your ability to solve important business problems which may be affecting your bottom line and your long-term sustainability as an organization.

Our team of Lean Six Sigma practitioners works closely with your Operations teams and Continuous Improvement leadership using best practice methodologies to conduct process improvement projects and operational reviews and can usually deliver a project in half the time that an internal team can.

Our fees are most often offset by the benefits realized from our process improvement projects, which yield an average return of ten times your consulting investment. We recently helped one client generate an additional $1 million in annual revenue.

“Her analysis and facilitation skills ensure that each workshop is not just an efficient meeting but is guaranteed to be effective and deliver the required results.” Public Sector Client