Our holistic approach to strengthening your operations


Process Improvement Projects

Is your organization challenged to do more with less? The most immediate challenge for many businesses today is hiring the needed talent and retaining employees. We bring the gold standard in process improvement methodologies with LSS and increased access due to our local presence within Atlantic Canada. With Barrington, we approach every project with the intent to leave clients with the ability to solve future problems without our guidance. Barrington brings the tools and experience to remove the barriers within your organization and complete our relationship with an improved process and finer results than the current situation. With our experience, we bring other industry sector best practices into your sector/industry. We are Continuous Improvement (CI) subject matter experts delivering significant measurable results.  


Lean Six Sigma Training, Coaching & Workshops

When you want to build the capability and capacity in-house to drive and deliver improvements in your organization, you need employees with more than the right attitude, skill, and knowledge—it is about how your staff understands how to see the alternatives available to them. Critical to this, is how they are supported, and how leaders recognize and nurture strengths to get the most from their team members. We help you help your team grow and develop through training, coaching and leadership development. We establish accountability, guide your team members, and assist you every step of the way. Our coaching is flexible and timely—when you need it most. Whether it is introducing an in-depth Lean Six Sigma program customized to your organizational context or a quick continuous improvement workshop which will help your people to use their tools and time more efficiently and effectively, we help you achieve your goals. 


Finding the opportunities in your business

Is it Revenue, Cost, Safety, Quality, Employee or Customer Satisfaction that keeps you up at night? Are you challenged to reduce the cost of operation and increase overall profits in your business? We dive deep into your organization with a review and observational analysis to provide the insights and tools you need to reach optimal operations. We spend our time reviewing the most important aspects of your business. Upon gaining insight and information from key stakeholders, we act upon your key priorities to examine your operations in real-time. We execute a full 360-degree analysis of the organization rooted in our Barrington OPS methodology. We create a future state for the organization and a roadmap to get there. We hold collaborative workshops, designed in a way encourages participation from all your varied stakeholder groups.  


Personal Productivity 

Is employee engagement, growing and retaining talented employees a priority for you? Employee engagement results when people feel that they are strongly contributing to the organization’s success. “Skills” is one of the eight wastes of lean, and thus organizational effectiveness and efficiency starts with honing the skills of individuals. We offer courses where we share proven methods and principles to effectively enable and empower individuals to drive results, including tactics to effectively manage their time and strengths. We hold specific training on effective strategies and best practices for management of emails, calendars, and notes.