Reconciliation Action Planning

What you can expect:

  • Maturity assessment
  • Cultural awareness training
  • Leadership statement
  • Actionable Reconciliation Plan


Indigenous Engagement Services

We collaborate with our partners, Indigenous Treaty Partners, to offer diverse client services. Together, we deliver services embodied with respect and knowledge, aligned with the principles of Reconciliation and mutual benefit. Our services focus on fostering meaningful and lasting relationships with Indigenous communities and businesses by integrating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into practices and policies.

  • Project and change management 
  • Engagement strategies
  • Facilitating dialogue
  • Navigating complexity


Consulting for Indigenous Community & Organizations

If you are looking for culturally respectful consulting services tailored to your unique needs, our services are delivered by practitioners equipped with the expertise and training in the following areas:

  • Healthcare
  • Digital Services
  • Strategy Advisory
  • Privacy
  • Performance Excellence Services
  • Unified Communications
  • Business Transformation

Indigenous Practice standards are embedded into all of our initiatives.

Here’s our top 4:

Professional Indigenous Ally Training

Our team members have completed Indigenous Ally training, exploring Indigenous history, confronting past truths and guiding steps towards Reconciliation. Through historical perspectives, present-day challenges, and practical strategies, our team has gained an understanding of cultural sensitivity, the significance of diversity, and the essential steps required to advance Reconciliation across different sectors of Canadian society.

Etuaptmumk (Two-Eyed Seeing)

Mi’kmaq Elder Albert Marshall indicated Etuaptmumk is the gift of multiple perspectives; learning to see from one eye the strengths Indigenous ways of knowing and the strengths of Western ways of knowing from the other. It intentionally and respectfully brings the different ways of knowing together.

First Nation OCAP Principles

The First Nations principles of ownership, control, access, and possession (OCAP). OCAP is a framework that can be leveraged by First Nations to assert control over data collection processes and the data that they own, and control how this information can be used.

Agile Delivery

Barrington uses this approach to deliver high quality solutions to our clients through continuous collaboration and by prioritizing the unique needs of an organization as the key driver of transformation. Our agile approach means we can make progress fast and spot improvements early on.