Virtual Health Advisory Services

Many jurisdictions have been able to demonstrate the value that can be achieved using a hybrid model of virtual and in-person healthcare services. If you are looking to add virtual care as one of your pillars, we have the experience to advise you in any of the following areas:

  • Strategy and planning 
  • Stakeholder consultation and facilitation
  • Solution assessment 
  • Digital health and data literacy 
  • Solution procurement 
  • Smart technology 
  • Plain language documentation 
  • Patient journey maps 


Clinical Transformation

Having first-hand clinical experience to enable your healthcare organization and its stakeholders through clinical change is invaluable. Regardless of the scale of your clinical transformation, we have the clinical and technical expertise to successfully guide you.

  • Project and change management 
  • Models of care 
  • Vendor management 
  • Activities-based planning 
  • Readiness and maturity assessment 
  • Workflow development 
  • Testing 
  • Clinical facility design support and management 


Healthcare Project Support

Healthcare projects will fail without the right support for end-users and stakeholders. We help you develop and deliver comprehensive and successful training programs, facilitate effective solution and workflow adoption, and support your whole team during go-lives.

  • Training 
  • Implementation 
  • Change management 
  • Benefits framework development 
  • Operational transition support 
  • Post-implementation support 
  • Benefits monitoring 
  • Continuous improvement enablement 

We can do more… TOGETHER

We can also help support other areas in your healthcare initiatives:

Privacy & security

We are now capturing more personal health information than ever. With the introduction of innovative technologies and the changing legislative landscape, privacy is the key to trust. Our multidisciplinary team will help you navigate the complexities of adopting a robust privacy model.

Operational excellence

Shifting to a culture of operational excellence will allow you to benefit from the mindset of continuous improvement.

We can help you create realistic action plans that identify where to focus your efforts and what is needed to make that happen.


Regardless of your analytics maturity or understanding, we are here to help. We have the expertise to support you in understanding your data, using it to make evidence-informed decisions, and communicating this story to your stakeholders.

User-centred design

Great design is central to the total health experience. Understanding the patient journey, the provider experience, and the business needs is critical to creating solutions that are successfully adopted.

Facility design & support

Healthcare delivery requires infrastructure that is designed to meet the needs of today and into the future. Our knowledge of the health system and its clinical nuances, combined with our planning and engineering expertise, can take your new or existing facility projects to the next level.


Have an idea that you think will transform the health system but are struggling with what to do next? We can advise you, offer insights into the health system, and help you gain clarity so you can transform your idea into reality.