Bridging risk mitigation and unified communications in healthcare facilities

Barrington worked with Nova Scotia Cyber Security and Digital Solutions to develop a comprehensive business case, multi-scenario pricing model, and implementation approach for healthcare facilities across Nova Scotia to upgrade unsupported communication systems and mitigate associated risks.

Unified Communications

Fast and reliable communication tools are critically important to the productivity and success of today’s modern organizations. Too often, these organizations are hindered or put at risk by outdated telephony systems. This ‘technical debt’ puts organizations at risk of being unable to satisfy their clients, keep up with competitors, or support the new dynamic work environments of their staff. Barrington works with you to find the right solution for your organization, whether it be a leading unified communications solution or a modern on-premises PBX system. Feel confident that your communication systems can support your team, so that you can focus on driving value, running operations, and serving your clients.