Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training

Drive efficiency and excellence with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

90-Day Training Program by Barrington OPS

Ready to excel, boost ROI, and champion continuous improvement?

Unleash your potential with the Barrington OPS 90-Day Green Belt Program – a Lean Six Sigma training program tailored to suit your pace and fit it into your busy work week.

Suitable for organizations and professionals in all industries:

  • Led by Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts
  • Hands-on training and project experience
  • Evidence-based methodology enhances efficiency, cuts waste, and boosts quality
  • Distinguished certification that sets your Green Belts apart

The training material was set out in a manner that made learning and understanding easier as one topic would flow into the next. Gary’s way of presenting the material was much more in the way of a conversation than just instructing. This meant much more engagement and communication. As well, it made the material more relatable to our business.
– George Mackinnon, Acting Director of Quality Assurance, StandardAero

What this program can do for you:

  • Elevate your workforce capabilities: Trained Green Belts typically achieve 25-35% improvement in process efficiency and quality. (iSixSigma)
  • Drive savings: Companies that adopt Lean Six Sigma approaches see an average of 20-30% cost savings within their first year. (American Society for Quality)
  • Ignite a culture of continuous improvement: Organizations with a strong culture of continuous improvement are 2.5 times more likely to be among the top performers in their industry. (McKinsey)

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Cohort training dates available

If scheduled learning better aligns with your preferences, we’ve got you covered. Cohort training dates can be arranged based on your schedule, ensuring that you can begin your transformation journey as early as October 2023.

Organizations that invest in Lean Six Sigma training typically achieve an ROI of 5-7 times their investment within 12-18 months.


An estimated 500 hours of production downtime occur annually due to inefficient processes, causing revenue losses and bottlenecks.


On average, businesses spend 25% of their revenue on inventory holding costs. LSS can help reduce by optimizing inventory management.

Optimize inventory management

The Barrington OPS advantage:

  1. The Structured Approach: Leverage the power of Lean Six Sigma in a 90-day journey
  2. Real-World Impact: Execute your business projects, guided by experts, resulting in 5-10x ROI.
  3. Flexible Learning: On-demand videos suit your pace and team requirements.
  4. Personalized Coaching: Weekly one-on-one guidance accelerates project success.
  5. Continuous Tracking: Stay accountable with regular check-ins and milestone updates. Join us in propelling your operational excellence forward.
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We were able to reduce the average shipment time from 15 days down to 2.2 days, and in doing so built a reputation as a trusted supplier [internationally], and have been able to secure more business.
– Adam Casey, Vice President of Operations, MDS Coating

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